My ideas are, like the materials I use, flexible and often yield unexpected forms. When I work on an object am interested in the fluid, specifically the flexible and plastic properties of a surface so that I can balance the colour and texture of the object with its form. For me, it is also important that the object has proportions relevant to the space where it will likely be situated. This, I feel, helps to maintain function and form.
Perhaps one of my greatest excitements comes from the opportunity to feel new materials in my hands and to discover myself in a different creative atmosphere. I find this especially inspiring, and it motivates my continued interest towards my unlimited sense for the artistic combinations of new media and form. After working as an artist for many years, I have learned that I am always a student who is eager to learn and to create.

Ella Adamova

Schön, dass Sie meine Seite besuchen.

Ich stelle Ihnen einen Querschnitt meiner plastischen Werke aus Keramik, Schamotte und anderen Materialien vor.