Man is a creature of a day. One of David’s psalms runs as follows: “Man is like vanity, his days are a shadow that passeth away”. Life is fleeting,but it is continued in plastic artwork. Ella Adamova’s creations combine the beauty of form with the spirituality of timeless values. She created Fruit Vases, vases in the form of pomegranates, figs and other fruits, Menorah chandeliers, chandeliers in the form of animals, lampions any vases “The Towers of Jerusalem”.
Every single object brings us in touch with art and nature, space and thought, dynamic and quietude, contemplation and creative work. Coal clay helps to emphasize the solemnity and materiality of the objects while the ornaments and colors of glaze set the festive mood. The inception of a sculpture is a lengthy process. Interacting with clay, Ella Adamova bands it to her will and follows its power, taking her time to materialize her ideas.

Ljudmila Kandalova
art critic

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